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Your privacy is important to us. We will only use your personally identifiable information as described below, unless you have specifically consented to another type of use, either at the time the personally identifiable information is collected from you or through some other form of consent from you:
We will use personally identifiable information to complete any orders you have placed.
We will use personally identifiable information to provide you with the specific services that you have requested, such as to reach a retailer.
We will use your personally identifiable information to respond to questions that you send to us.
We will use your personally identifiable information to send you emails from time to time, such as newsletters and notices about our promotions.
We may permit our vendors and subcontractors to access your personally identifiable information, but they are only permitted to do so in connection with performing services for us. They are not authorized by us to use the information for their own benefit. For instance, we may share your personally identifiable information with a credit card processing company or shipping provider to process orders that you have placed.
We may disclose personally identifiable information as required by law or legal process.
We may disclose personally identifiable information to investigate suspected fraud, harassment or other violations of any law, rule or regulation, or the terms or policies for the Web site.

Non-personal or aggregate information may be shared with any number of parties, provided that such information shall not specifically identify you.

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